Meet the Team

We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive dental care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice. We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.




Jean is the office manager for Corydon Dental Center. She is truly the one that does it all. She is always available to answer all questions or deal with any concerns in the office.  Jean has been with the Corydon Dental Center for 23 years where she started out as Dr. White’s assistant. She has an insider’s knowledge of all things dental and you may even find her practicing one of her other skills, such as assisting, doing cleanings, and reception. She manages to somehow do all of these things while efficiently handling all of the day-to-day operations of the clinic. Jean has two children and is often busy with them at the hockey rink, dance studio, or volleyball court. She also enjoys shopping and nurturing her many friendships.




Judy is originally from the Philippines and moved to Canada in 2009 with her husband and four children. She was an orthodontic assistant in the Philippines and retrained in Winnipeg in 2010 at CDI College and has been working with Dr. Thomas since. Judy is a wonderful team member of the Corydon Dental Centre.  She is always willing to lend a hand and help.  Judy is a mom to 4 fantastic children. She is also an incredible cake decorator and cook and has a keen sense of decorating...




Holly joined the Corydon Dental Center right after graduating from the University of Manitoba School of Dental Hygiene in 2009. Her favourite part of the job is building patient relationships and having someone actually look forward to their next dental appointment!  Holly has just welcomed a beautiful baby girl to her family.  Congratulations Holly!!!!




This fitness-loving lady is a proud soccer mom to two boys and enjoys spending time with her family. She graduated from the University of Manitoba School of Dental Hygiene in 1998 and is truly focused on the patient and developing an individualized care plan for each individual. It is obvious how much she loves her profession.




Lori has worked in the dental field for 15 years, and has been with Corydon Dental Center since 2006. She is a vital part of our office administration team and is in charge of accounts and insurance communications along with helping with all other administrative duties. She is well loved by our patients and staff, as she can always be counted on to answer questions and handle all situations in a professional and caring manner. Lori has two older children and loves scrapbooking and making amazing cards and crafts in her spare time.




This dental assistant graduate has been part of our reception team since 2012. She may be quiet but she is very approachable and enjoys interacting with our patients. Lar is very efficient and outstanding in her position.  Outside of work, Lar loves to watch movies, shop, and travel.



Maria T.

Maria is part of our outstanding administrative team. She graduated from the dental assisting program at CDI College in 2010 and has been at Corydon Dental Center since 2011. This star of all trades is always upbeat and efficient and can pretty much answer any questions you may have. Outside of work she is the proud mom to a beautiful little girl and boy, enjoys shopping, camping, and spending time with her family.  Maria has recently welcomed another sweet boy to her family!!! Congratulations Maria




Shelby graduated from Red River College in 2008 and has been Dr. Ramsay’s assistant since 2011. She is a vital part of Dr. Ramsay’s practice and has a great rapport with his patients. She also has her orthodontic assisting module to help him with his orthodontic patients. In her spare time, she plays hockey, slo-pitch and volleyball.  She is the proud mama to her daughter and son.    




Megan came to work for Corydon straight out of dental hygiene in 2004. She has a loyal following amongst our patients, known for her gentle hands, and her friendly personality. Outside of work, she is the busy mom of two girls and a baby boy and enjoys playing hockey and running.




Natalie is also a jack of all dental trades. She started out in 2002 as a dental assistant, and after having her second daughter, she was recruited by Dr. Thomas to come work at Corydon Dental Center. In 2010, she returned to University to complete her dental hygiene diploma. This one can do it all! Some could call her the child whisperer, as she has a special touch with the little ones. She is a mom to three kids of her own and enjoys baking, which the staff loves!




Tracy graduated from the school of dental hygiene at the University of Manitoba in 2004. She is an absolute neat freak and always has everything organized and does her job in a very efficient manner. She also has a very loyal following of patients and can always be counted on to help others in the office.  She is always friendly and approachable. Tracy has three small children at home and enjoys spending time with her family and working out.




Honar is one of our newer additions to the Corydon Dental Center team. He graduated dental hygiene in 2012 and has been working in a periodontal specialist’s office as well as Corydon Dental Center for the last year. This makes him particularly skilled in those tougher periodontal cases. Honar enjoys spending time travelling with his wife and staying active.






Erin was a former patient here at Corydon Dental Center, and became a hygienist after completing her dental hygiene education in 2009. She was raised right here in River Heights, and is known for her kindness and gentle touch. This new momma enjoys running, outdoor activities, spending time with her family, and travelling.




David is a newer graduate of the University of Manitoba School of Dental Hygiene. Prior to that, he worked many years in customer relations. He looks big, but he is incredibly gentle! David has a great heart and is one of those special guys that opened his heart to allow fosters dogs in his home. David is married to a fantastic lady and in his spare time enjoys sports, baseball umpiring, singing, and yoga.




Ashley has been Dr. White's assistant for the past few years and is an amazing addition to our team.  Ashley started out at the front desk and is now an important part of making sure Dr. White runs on time and keeps appointments running smoothly.  Ashley enjoys traveling and camping in her spare time.   







Winsome is an amazing team player.  She is in charge of the infection control and sterilization that goes on in the office.  Winsome is a Registered Dental Assistant and has a great handle on all the day to day activities.  She keeps things flowing smoothly and is always willing to lend a hand.  Winsome is a proud mom of an active son and makes an awesome chilli.



Stacey is a newer addition to our Corydon Dental Centre family.  She is the friendly face that greets you at the front desk.  Stacey brings a warm and charismatic charm to the office.  She is willing to go above and beyond for all our patients.  Stacey is busy on her off time with 3 boys and has just recently welcomed a wonderful little girl to the mix.  We are very happy to have her on board. 



Vesna is a newer addition to us but not to the field.  Vesna has been a Dental Assistant for approx. 9 years.  She is a multi tasker in our office.  You may recognize her at the front helping you with your claims and answering any questions you may have.  Vesna also is seen assisting at the back with one of the Dentist on any given day.  She is very efficient at what she does and is a valuable asset to our team.  She is a fantastic team player.  She is a proud mom to 3 great danes, very crafty, and enjoys sewing.