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Meet Dr. Miguel Cabuhat

Born in San Diego, California, he still visits his hometown but has been a Winnipegger since 2004.

Dr. Cabuhat always makes sure his patients concerns are understood prior to making any treatment decisions. He believes patient involvement is the key to an optimal treatment plan and relationship with his patients. Dr. C is aware of how easy it is for patients to come in and out of an office without awareness of what work was done as it is a common complaint that is heard by most patients. He believes quality work and transparency are key.

Dr. C can provide all aspects of dentistry including night guards, fillings, bonding, crowns, veneers, whitening, root canals & extractions, wisdom teeth, and implants.

As a dentist, Dr. C is aware that the dental office is (almost) no ones favourite place to be, however his goal is to provide the highest standard of care while making his patients as comfortable as possible.

Dr. C is excited to welcome all new patients at Corydon Dental Centre.

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