Meet Dr. Natalie Rosenthal

Dr. Natalie Rosenthal was born and raised in Winnipeg. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a double degree: a Bachelor of Science in Dentistry and a Doctor of Dental Medicine. Her research on Universal Adhesives, which is a material used to keep fillings in place, won first place nationally at the Canadian Dental Association Conference. She went on to represent Canada and be recognized internationally for her research at the International Association for Dental Research Conference. Also, once a week, she teaches the clinical component for second-year dental students at the University of Manitoba.

As a child, Dr. Rosenthal was actually afraid of going to the dentist, so she sympathizes with patients who are nervous about dental visits and aspires to create a positive dental experience. During her studies, she was the recipient of the Dr. Edgar N. Cole Memorial Scholarship for the highest standing in the course Pain and Anxiety Control. 

She has received the Dr. John Grahame Scholarship for community service and high academic standing since she led an after-school program for youth through the organization, CanU, which showcases a variety of career options to youth. Currently, she is still involved with CanU as she serves on the board for program planning. She has also been on the University of Manitoba Selection Committee for Admission to Dentistry.

Besides Dentistry, Dr. Rosenthal’s other passions include creating art, being in nature, and taking care of her chinchilla.